Jörg Richter

Brass Arranger

Born in 1966 in Meerane, Germany, I grew up in Riesa which is a town in the bigger area of Dresden, the capital of the State of Saxony. Beginning with playing the accordion at the age of seven, I changed to the trombone at the age of ten years. My first teacher was Jochen Weise who became later the bass trombonist of the Staatskapelle Berlin. After a few years at a special high school for music in Dresden I started to study trombone at the music academy „Carl Maria von Weber“ in Dresden in 1984. My teachers were Werner Beyer and Hans Hombsch, both bass trombonists of the Staatskapelle Dresden, and Manfred Zeumer, principal trombonist of the Staatskapelle Dresden at that time. My studies inluded not only classical music, I played als in the Big Band of the academy, at that time lead by the fantastic pianist and Big Band leader Günter Hörig.

In 1989 I became bass trombonist of the „Orchester der IG Wismut“, later renamed in „Staatliches Orchester Sachsen“, in Chemnitz which was one of the leading orchestras for symphonic light music in East Germany. In 1993 I became bass trombonist of the „Elbland Philharmonie Sachsen“ in Riesa.

In 2012 the „Elbland Philharmonie Sachsen“ got fusioned with the orchestra of the „Landesbühnen Sachsen“ which is an Opera House in the neighbourhood of Dresden. Since that time the orchestra has to play all kinds of music including symphonic concerts, Opera and Musical performances, light music and much more…

Because of the fusion, suddenly we were 5 trombonists in our orchestra and we decided to play in a trombone quintet together. A few of my arrangements I wrote for this ensemble.

Starting arranging for me was a requirement of the musical practice. Playing in varied ensembles with various lineups of musicians over the years, me and my colleagues were always looking for sheet music which would fit to our ensemble and to the kind of music we were going to play. But, we could not always find what we were looking for. So, someday I decided to write the music we needed by myself. Some time later, colleagues came to me and asked me to write music for their ensembles or for their students. Not all of my arrangements are very difficult to play or were written for professionals. You can also find more simple pieces I wrote for specific occasions, for example when we needed a hymn transposed for our instruments playing in a service.

Anyway, a lot of music came together over the time and I decided to make it public.

I really hope my music can be helpful for other musicians as well.